Additional Data for "The meadow jumping mouse genome and transcriptome suggest mechanisms of hibernation"

The preprint manuscript is available on bioRxiv.

File — Description
Rodent_comparison.tar — The script and intermediate results for rodent species comparison.
Zapus_annotated_proteins.fa — The proteins predicted from our Zapus hudsonius genome.
Zapus_chromosome.fa — The final chromosome-level assembly in FASTA format.
Zapus_chromosome.hic — The .hic file for visualization of Hi-C contact data for the final assembly. Open using Juicebox software (Aiden Lab).
Zapus_scaffolds.fa — The scaffold-level assembly.
Zapus_subspecies_comparison.tar — The script and intermediate results to compare the two Zapus species (Z. hudsonius & Z. oregonus)
Zapus_transcripts.fa — The transcripts assembled from different tissues used in RNAseq experiments.
Zapus_RNAseq_GO_analysis.tar — The commands and intermediate results for DE gene analysis and GO enrichment.